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Garage Racing Team has a simple motto:
We race bikes.

The Garage Racing Team takes its name from the title sponsor and driving force behind the team's energy and enthusiasm, Garage: a restaurant, bar, pool hall, and bowling alley on Capital Hill in Seattle. The Garage Racing Team is the product of a coalition of several local bike racers who sought to create a team focused on teamwork. Looking towards our seventh year of competing, we remain dedicated the maintaining a small, core group of riders who live for the bike. We have built a robust team of over 40 bike-minded individuals who race together for the pleasure of the challenge and camaraderie that comes from working together. Yet, our teammates spend their days in all different ways. Some of us build airplanes while others construct custom cabinets. Some of us design menus while others create software. Some of us engineer lasers while others build portfolios. One thing unites us: the passion of cycling and racing.

As a team, we compete throughout the year, starting in the late Winter and continuing through the Fall. Most of us focus our efforts on the road, although many of us race cyclocross, track, and mountain bike. Although we have riders competing in different categories of races, we train together and share our collective knowledge to make each team member's experience a positive one. Our early spring training camp in Centralia gives us a time to reconnoiter and plan for the season ahead. This model of collective support has helped swell the ranks of our top-level racing squad and garner several state titles. A list of our individual and team results are available here.

The Garage Racing Team helps promote cycling throughout the region by hosting several bike races. We co-host a series of races in Sequim, Washington and have group training rides on the weekends. We appreciate and work closely with every one of our sponsors to make sure they feel a part of and are rewarded by the team. Though our team is relatively small, we have built and maintained a large number of local businesses who make racing a reality by sponsoring the team. We simply cannot do it with them.

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